Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Books, books, books

I've been enjoying a bit of a book bonanza lately.

Thanks to Michael Hyatt's blog (which is a great one, by the way), I won a copy of The Revolutionary Paul Revere.

Then, a few weeks ago I was invited to review the spring releases from a children's publisher, Tiger Tales (even their logo is cute!). I LOVED almost every title they sent me. It was such a treat! Some of my favorites were Bella the Birthday Party, The Fairy Ball (Bella), and The Best Pet Ever. I was all set to give the books away once I finished reading them, but my son grabbed two and put them on his shelf!

Then, the same week I received the books from Tiger Tales I got a copy of a book for middle-grade readers from a self-published author. I am still getting around to that one, but it looks promising.

It has been a good time to be a book-lover in our house!

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  1. Welcome Jaymie -
    We are thrilled that you are happy with the tiger tales books and can't wait to see your reviews.
    Keep us "posted"!
    tiger tales