Saturday, May 22, 2010

What Children Crave... Part 3

Observation #3 - Children Crave Value

Children want to be valued - they want someone to believe in them.

I had a student in Writing Club who had finished the story she was working on about a month or so before the end of the year. Then she decided to test out some poetry. Around this same time, her aunt passed away.

One day she came to my desk to show me her poem. It was beautiful. I told her I thought she should showcase it in our final presentation for club. My suggestion seemed to catch her off guard. I think she was just looking for something to write to fill time in club, but this was a piece that needed to be seen. She told me later that her grandmother had been at the final program and was touched by her poem. 

Children want to be valued for who they are, for the gifts they have, for the things they have to share.

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