Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cross Stitch love

This past weekend my family took me to the cross stitch store. I found a few fun patterns (including one for a gift that I didn't post here) and learned a few things.

1) There is something inspiring about seeing models of the patterns up close and personal. To see the stitches, the beautiful linens, etc. makes me want to stitch all day long. 

2) Shopping online does not allow me to be inspired in the same way a trip to the store does. Unfortunately, the store is out of our way, and more expensive than shopping online. 

3) If I want the ability to be inspired by seeing finished work in person, though, I have to pay the higher store prices or the store will cease to be there. I've seen it happen countless times before.

So, I am looking forward to stitching up some new patterns and trying to hold on to the inspiration I felt this weekend for as long as I can. Then maybe another trip will be in the cards for me.

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