Saturday, May 8, 2010

The year is a third over!

Hard to believe that we are already through a little more than a third of the year. One of the bloggers I follow, Christina Katz, blogged recently about her accomplishments so far this year. She encouraged her reader to do likewise. Here's mine:

1. I read 112 books from January 1 through April 30, 2010. That includes a good number of picture books, which are fast reads, but more "chunky" books, too.

2. I have maintained two blogs this year.

3. I started a new job

4. I have implemented systems to encourage my son to keep reading and keep working on the piano and they seem to be working.

5. I wrapped up the first year of Creative Writing Club at my son's school.

6. I made 31 journals for my writing club students.

7. I am 3 lessons away from completing the Apprentice course through Christian Writer's Guild.

Not as many things as I would have expected if you had asked me in January. But considering that I am working regularly outside my home now, I think this is pretty good. Feeling content with most aspects of my life, and still thinking about how I want to invest my energy and time.

So, how about you? Feeling accomplished so far this year?

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