Thursday, October 27, 2011


I had planned to take a step back from writing for a few days because I am hosting my first Scholastic Book Fair as the school librarian this week.

But my husband's grandmother passed away early this week, so we are dealing with that on top of the other busy-ness of life. So, I will be away from the blog for a few days, but for different reasons than I had originally planned.

This year has been so hard. In our household, we have lost my husband's two grandmothers (the only grandparents he has had for the last 20 years) and my father (the only parent I've had for 20 years - and my grandparents have been gone for 20 years, too). 

I have a friend who lost her mother a few weeks after Dad died. Her mom was a friend of mine, too.

Another friend, who is RVing around the country with his family this year, lost his father unexpectedly this summer.

Another friend lost his grandfather this summer, and his wife lost her grandmother a couple months later.

Dad's college roommate and his wife came and did Dad's service for me in June. This summer, the wife's mother passed away and a few weeks ago their oldest grandchild died after an illness.

I know death is inescapable - it is a part of the course of life. In my experience, though, at times it really bunches up. Loss after loss after loss. I often find myself looking Heavenward and asking, "Really? Now? Again? Couldn't You have waited a little longer?"

So, I'll be away for a few days, unless the urge to write is too strong.

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