Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Happy List

Today's writing prompt is - 10 things that make you happy and why?

1. My son - He's an interesting boy with a lot of interests and great conversational skills. I love talking with him and hearing what is on his mind.
2. My husband - I enjoy talking with him and spending time together.
3. Kindergarteners - In general, I am not a "fan" of young children. I thought my son's kindergarten class was okay, but once he moved on, I was ready to leave kindergarten behind. This year I have two kindergarten classes that come to the library and I adore them. They make me smile. They are fun, excited about things going on in their lives, and they want to read books.
4. My work - I can't imagine what this fall would have been like if I hadn't had this new job to throw myself into. I look forward to going to school every day, eager to see my students.
5. Book release Tuesdays - I love going to the bookstore on Tuesdays and checking out new books. I keep track of when new books are coming out and I love to see those books in person.
6. The Green Bay Packers - I love cheering for my Packers every week!
7. Talking to people about books - I love when kids come into our library and tell me what they thought of the book they read. I love talking to strangers in the bookstore about books. I love talking with the tweens at church about favorite series like Harry Potter or 39 Clues or Mysterious Benedict Society or Heroes of Olympus.
8. New cross stitch magazines - Honestly, I love most crafting magazines - quilting, card making, scrapbooking, etc., - but cross stitch is my current favorite. 
9. Psych - Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster are my favorite fellas on television. I love watching them banter on TV and reading about them in paperbacks. The gang from Big Bang Theory are a close second.
10. Laughing with family and friends - I spent a lunch hour at school the other day laughing. We laughed about 80s fashion and things we did as kids. It felt great. Fellowship and laughter make me happy.

So, what makes YOU happy?


  1. Crap! I didn't make the list. Maybe next year. :)

  2. Sure you did - you are in the "Laughing with family and friends" section!