Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Ideas - part one

Just a few holiday ideas for you! If you are looking for book recommendations, check out my Bring on the Books blog entry for November 29th.

Today I want to focus on some Lego options. 

One of the best "decorations" I bought for my new job as an elementary librarian was the Lego Brick Calendar. The bricks are pre-printed with date numbers and months. Each month you re-assemble the calendar to reflect the new month. I thought that my students would get used to it after a couple months, but four months into the school year I am still getting comments from my kids each week about the calendar.

Along the same line, Lego puts out an Advent Calendar each year. We are itching to crack ours open - the Star Wars one - on Thursday this week.

Finally, stores like Walmart and Target - as well as The Lego Store - often have small bagged Lego sets for sale this time of year. These, as well as the mini-figure packages, make great stocking stuffers.

Come back Thursday for some more holiday gift ideas.

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