Saturday, March 3, 2012

Monster Mac and Cheese

Over Christmas break, we were wandering through a new mall and stopped at Williams-Sonoma. There was a HUGE bottle of mac and cheese starter for $14. I have successfully made my own M&C before, but making the roux is always the hardest part, and I'm never 100% satisfied with it. While the price seemed ridiculous, I kept coming back to that jar over and over and over. Finally my husband said to just get it and try it out. A few weeks ago, I gave it a try.

It was yummy. And it held together a little better than my homemade roux. But I don't know that it was worth the extra $14. I think I'll go back to my homemade version, but might try this again for a treat some time.

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  1. Quick Shake® Container from Tupperware is the best tool ever for roux and gravy making. Put your ingredients in, shake for less than a minute and you have the perfect mix. Have had one for 20 years and has never failed me!