Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trust in the Lord

A week ago, our pastor spoke on trust, specifically trusting God.

Before the message, one of the highly-esteemed women in the congregation led the congregational prayer. Her focus was the fact that God is worthy of our trust. She even went so far as to pray, "Surprise us." That level of trust - that feeling of readiness for whatever comes - eludes me.

As I mulled over her prayer and the sermon, I realized that I am a little too raw from the last year to have the courage to pray something like "Surprise me" or to express the level of trust the pastor talked about. I recognize, acknowledge and am thankful for God's faithfulness. But I am still wary. I am not wholeheartedly ready to dive into whatever God sends my way next. I'm getting there. I'm closer than I was six months ago. These days, though, trust is a choice more than a feeling.

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