Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lost in the Bolts

We were in Northern Indiana for our family reunion a few weeks ago. For a day outing, we went shopping in Shipshewana. We walked through a mercantile building I have been in before, but this time I got lost in one shop called Lolly's.

Here are two of the things I saw on display at Lolly's:

Aren't they lovely? I could stare at that top quilt for hours.

I found some pictures of the store at Lolly's site here.

Just looking at the pictures makes my heart beat faster. The yards and yards of fabric inspired me. I could have filled a cart with all the bolts I wanted a piece of. I carried several pre-cut pieces around with me, but I ended up not buying anything because I know in my head that (a) I don't have/use a sewing machine and (b) I don't have time to take on a new hobby right now.

But I am desperately interested in doing just that. I want to make a quilt. I want to put pieces of fabric together to make something beautiful and something useful. If I had a "bucket list," make a quilt/learn to sew would be top of the list.

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