Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The End is Near

I have less than three weeks left of summer vacation.

How did that happen?
Where did my summer go?

And I am looking at those remaining days being very busy.... with stuff for school. In truth, my summer vacation is over. There may be moments spent away from school, but my brain has turned that direction and an urgency has settled in. I need to put up two bulletin boards, come up with a plan for what I am teaching this year and when, and I need to finish up all the re-organizational projects I started this summer.

On top of these tasks, I have noticed some anxiety kicking in.

Now, if it were anxiety about whether or not I can get all these things done before school starts, I would understand. But it's about the teaching. How did I do this last year? Can I do it again? How did I juggle home and school? How did I allocate my time? It's like I've never done this before.

I am hoping that this is just second-year jitters and everything will fall into place once I have a schedule and students start rolling in....

I will be blogging as usual this week, but then I am going to do some different sorts of posts to get me through this transitional season of school starting. I'll be around. If some posts start to roam through my head, I may post some extras. And I'll be back to my usual musings once the school year is going strong.

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