Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Top 10 Magazines

My interests are reflected in my favorite magazines. Some of these are ones I subscribe to, but the others are regular purchases every month or two.

10. Better Homes and Gardens Storage - at least, I think BH&G is the one that publishes the storage and organization magazine I like. This isn't a monthly publication, but looking at all the orderly spaces in other people's homes inspires me.

9. LEGO Magazine - Fun building ideas, cartoons, and product descriptions. And it's free! What's not to love? In fact, I like it so well, I have subscribed to it for the school and my students have gone crazy for it. In fact, I took an old issue and tucked it on a bottom shelf so my son would have something to look at in a pinch if I was working after school, and the kids grabbed it and tried to check it out. It wasn't cataloged in the library, but I let them check it out anyway. They were diligent about returning it every week, but they checked it out so much it started to fall apart. It was easily the most popular magazine in the school's library.

8. Cross Stitch Collection - this is a British stitching magazine. I don't have a local stitching shop anymore, and Hobby Lobby rarely changes their stock. This is a great way to get new patterns. I figure for the price of the magazine, I would have gotten two patterns at my local shop, so if I get two patterns out of the issue, I've gotten my money's worth. I enjoy the Joan Elliott patterns they have in this magazine.

7. Where Women Create - I mostly look at this one for inspiring spaces and crafts moreso than because I know who these women are.

6. Shop Smart - Just like Consumer Reports but has a more feminine layout. Same great ideas and recommendations/reviews

5. School Library Journal - book reviews and articles for school librarians.

4. World of Cross Stitch - another British stitching magazine

3. Cross Stitch Card Shop - this British magazine specializes in card patterns. While it is my favorite stitching magazine, it is also the hardest one for me to find. I think my local B&N still has the May/June issue on display. When I find a new issue of this one, I feel as though I've won the lottery.

2. Booklist - this is another book review magazine with a library slant, but with a full range of reviews (adults, kids, fiction, non-fiction, audio, professional) as well as a special emphasis in each issue (mysteries, science fiction, sports, historical fiction, etc.)

1. Publisher's Weekly - Week after week of book-related news. And even better? Twice a year they devote a whole issue to upcoming titles for children/teens. Perfection!

What are your favorite magazines? Ones you subscribe to or ones you treat yourself to every month?

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