Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top 10 Sources of Inspiration

Inspiration is a big deal to me - I crave it. These are some of the things that inspire me.

10. Music - give me a Bach Brandenburg Concerto (#3 is my favorite) or an a capella performance (especially a men's quartet), and I am a happy woman.

9. Photographers - I love to look at photography blogs and the photographs of my friends. One of my favorite parts of our West Wing tour of the White House was staring at the photographs on the walls.

8. Stacy Julian - her philosophy of memory keeping, her class at Big Picture Classes, her crafting space

7. Becky Higgins - her philosophy of memory keeping, her Project Life system, her crafting space (I recently watched a video she did on managing the papers her kids have from school - I was inspired to bring order to my memory keeping chaos)

6. Ali Edwards - her photography, her transparency/openness about her journey, her love of her family

5. Fabric Stores/Quilting Stores/Cross Stitch stores - I love the potential represented by these places. The fabrics, the patterns, the finished samples. I just want to soak them in - just like I wanted to do with the photographs at the White House.

4. The zoo - Seeing different animals makes me appreciate God's limitless creativity. I am especially inspired by birds. I don't know why, but I am drawn to them.

3. Book stores - talk about potential! Words, ideas, pictures in endless configurations!

2. Magazines - just like book stores, magazines give you access to ideas and places and products you never knew existed.

1. Pinterest - every time I tell myself I'm just going to hop on to look for a minute, it turns into an hour or more. Infinite creativity of other people.

What inspires you?

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