Thursday, March 24, 2011

Who Do I Trust?

We're trying to improve our health and our diet. Unfortunately, that seems easier said than done.

So much of the information I find in books and online conflicts with other books and materials online. Who is a busy mom to believe?

The US government has materials here and here. But what influence do lobbying groups have on those recommendations?

We try to incorporate more fruits and veggies, but where do organics fit in? Where are nearby Farmer's Markets to get fresh, local produce?

I've found two sources I like so far for information. Their accurracy and helpfulness remain to be seen but they seem reliable and well supported. They are Nutrition Diva and Kitchen Stewardship. Check them out - what do you think? Do you have other sources you trust?

I think my biggest discovery so far is that I can change just one thing right now and then I can change something else in a couple weeks or a month. I don't have to change everything today - if I try, I will make myself crazy. So, for now, we are adding more vegetables and fruits. We'll see what will come next.

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  1. jkuck, registered dietitianMarch 24, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Changing just 1 thing at a time and having a committed partner doing it with you will improve your likihood of success by 80%!

    Step 1:Eat your age appropriate serving of whole veggies first before you put anything else on your plate. (Organic does not equal more nutrition. Frozen "steamer" bags of veggie medlies are fabulous and fastt! Buy them on sale and use store coupons!