Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I chose to give up personal book buying for Lent.

Sound crazy? It's not.

What's crazy is the fact that I usually have 20 to 40 books checked out from the library at any one time (non-fiction for research, children's books for club and blogging, adult fiction for fun and blogging).

What's crazy is the fact that I have about 20 books on my e-reader (many were free) that I haven't read yet.

What's crazy is that I have a five-shelf book case full of my TBR books (to be read).

What's crazy is my advance reader copies (from publishers for review) form another book pile in my bedroom.

Hello, my name is Jaymie and I am a book-a-holic.

I've noticed lately - well, for awhile - a compulsion. I accumulate things, books being one of them. It's pretty bad. I'll start reading a non-fiction book from the library, then really like it so I decide to buy it. Then I put it on a shelf rather than finish it because the urgency of the library return date is gone. That book isn't going anywhere. I'll finish it later. Later doesn't come. There are too many books coming out all the time - too many new stories or new pieces of information waiting to be discovered!

This is a pattern I see in other places, too. It bothers me. So, I decided to let the discipline of Lent help me curb a bad habit. I am hopeful that this time will give me some insight into WHY I do this.

So far, I am coping all right. I've visited several book stores (they are my happy place) and limited myself to magazines. I take pictures with my cell phone of books I'd like to read later and make a list for some future trip to the library. I recognize that book stores inspire me. They are places filled with hope and potential - stories to enjoy and share, lessons and skills to learn. I wouldn't want to give up book stores themselves, but I'll set aside the accumulating while I seek reasons for the compulsion behind it.

What did you give up for Lent? Or did you add a new practice? How is that going?

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