Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love without Condition

Do you know you are loved without condition or limitation by God?

Our pastor asked this question a couple weeks ago at church. And my first answer was "yes." But sometimes it is a choice to believe that rather than a feeling. These days I feel loved by God because I feel His presence and His acceptance in my grief. I wouldn't say I am angry with God that Dad is gone. But I wish it weren't so. I wish the last year had a different tone, a different theme. I struggle with feeling alone. I struggle with the pain of loss and grief. I struggle some mornings to even get out of bed.

And I know God knows all of that. He does not begrudge me my pain, my experience. He stand with me as I walk this road. I choose to trust Him on a path I don't always enjoy and would not have willingly chosen. It helps that God has given me the opportunity to pour myself into something worthwhile this year. I know He is with me in the joy of my work and the pain of my grief. He has purpose in using both for His glory. I know God loves me because He stands, unchanging, in the face of my ever-changing moods, the highs and lows, the tears and laughter. He is constant. His love is constant. I am grateful for His love, for His acceptance. And today I am thankful for His constancy.

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