Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Little Explorer

Last Sunday my son and I attended church with another congregation to celebrate the baptism of two of my students. It happened to also be Communion Sunday for that church. I told my son that things would be different than at our church, but he could be flexible and just "roll with it."

I looked over at him during communion and found him scraping off a small corner of the wafer to taste it (Verdict? Awful. His buddy sitting next to him actually spit his back out). Then I saw him sniffing the juice. I had to laugh. It was a reminder that I am raising a little explorer. He always asks how things work. He wonders about things that I accept without question. He wants to feel things with his own hands (like the outside of Arby's while we wait in the drive through - "But I've never gotten to touch it.")

I love how his mind works, but it is quite foreign to me. I wonder how people work - why they act the way they do or make the choices they do, etc. It never occurs to me to wonder how my cell phone works or how thunder works. They do and I don't give it much additional thought. It's kind of refreshing, though, to see things through his eyes, like an unusual communion wafer or the side of a fast food restaurant.

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