Saturday, June 1, 2013

52 Lists - List Things You Want to Make

This was a fun list to make!

1-There's a cross stitch designer in Britain I love - Gorjuss. Well, technically I guess it's an artist whose pictures have been turned into cross stitch. Anyway, there is a picture of a girl standing on a stack of books that I would love to stitch. First, I have to find the pattern and get it here somehow (I wish it was a digital one I could download, but so far I haven't found that option). But I want to make it some day.

2-There are several other cross stitch patters that I do have that I want to stitch - a series of dress forms, one of Rupert Grint, and others

3-Awhile back I bought a tray that I want to paint or decorate with paper and then put Lego minifigs on it for display in the library. That is one project I want to do this summer.

4-I also bought small Project Life scrapbooks for the three of us to each do this summer - for my husband and I to record things about ourselves and our childhood and for my son to record a snapshot of his life at this age.

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